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“Why a Plan A and a Plan B?” PART A (My statement)

If you are a professional on event management, then you know that there is always something that goes wrong. What makes a Pro differentiate from one another is the level that he/she acknowledges the following:

1. If you admit that something can go wrong before the event then you are more proactive.
2. If you understand that many things can go wrong then you prepare for a Plan B accordingly.
3. If you are professional to the bone, you do not even consider a Plan A…if there is no Plan B for it.

This is my opinion.
Stay tuned and I will soon tell you more about it.


Total Quality Event Management

BOS (Back Of Stage) total quality event management!

Event managers are a multi-dimensional profession.
Them and their teams are often behind-the-scenes running an event. The “vertical” and “horizontal” relationship of the people that work on a project is very crucial for your event’s success, so you need to work on this “project” before, during and after your event.
One of the things that an event manager should take care of so as to have the maximum result, is for the event’s staff to get along and feel good about what they are working on of course.

My advice:

1. “Do not forget about their needs if you do not want them to forget about your and your clients needs”.
2. “Let them to get to know each other before it’s too late”

Most organizers tend to forget that the people working for them have needs as well during the event and the usual outcome is that they do not plan in advance for them.
There are things that you should consider if you want to better utilize your staff, after all they are your eyes, ears and hands on the project…:


a. Motivate them.
b. Let them tell you what they think as best practice prior to the event.
c. Give them sufficient knowledge of what is going to happen and train them on the concept.
d. Make perfectly clear who is responsible for which tasks and when.
e. Give them a clear idea about the venue and its pros and cons.


a. Arrange ways for your staff to come at the venue on time (someone to pick them up, parking space, clear directions).
b. Give them some time to adjust and prepare themselves.
c. Give a good brief before the event starts every day…and a good debrief at the end of the day.
d. Provide them with what they need during the event so as to be able to deliver what is asked.
e. In order for the staff to provide their best possible services you need to organize their break sessions as well. Plan for them before the event and find the most suitable time frames for each member.
f. Give them a dedicated space to go and feel free to eat, talk, etc.
g. Plan for everyone-when, where and what they are going to be eating and/or drinking.
h. Think about all the “what if” scenarios. Who is going to cover whom or who is going to support, who in case that something does not come out as expected or someone has an accident?
i. Do not ask for more that one can give. This means that you have to place the right person at the right position.


Do not forget to thank them for their effort, either by taking them out to have a meal and/or by sending them a thank you note from your client.
To conclude, if you do not take care of your staff before hand by letting them know that you understand their needs and therefore provide them with a certain time frame to cover them, they will try to do it on their own, whenever they feel its proper from their point of view. This means that no one will know who is where when, and why? Ending up with a total back of stage mess.
“Panic and screams” with phrases such as: ”Why did you leave your post?” But I thought it was ok. “No it wasn’t”. But I needed to visit the toilet etc.

Total quality management of an event is about the whole process and not just the end product!